Mystical Nancy is an experienced Psychic, Medium, Channel & Energy Healer

Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card or debit card for in-person sessions. Some services can be done via telephone. You can find these on the “order now” page. Currently accepting Paypal for phone appointments with more options coming soon.

Intuitive Readings:

Get in touch with your Spirit Guides for Inspiration and Guidance. Sometimes friends and loved ones on the other side come through with specific messages to share.

Individual Readings

  • 1 Hour – $140
  • 30 minutes – $80

Group Readings and Parties:

  • 4 people – 30 minutes each $75 per person
  • 8 people – 15 minutes each $35 per person

Contact Nancy to schedule

Pranic Energy Healing:

  • Initial 2-hour session $225 – includes spirit-guided diagnosis and energy work
  • Follow-up sessions: $85 per hour

Aura & Chakra Clearing:

  • Clear your Aura Body and chakras (energy wheels) of negative energy blockages and infuse them with positive energy.
    $85 per one-hour session

Healing The Inner Child:

During these sessions I help you reconnect with your inner child to discover the root of many of your fears, phobias, insecurities and sabotaging life patterns. 1-hour session $140

Past Life Regression:

Discovering past lives may help you uncover the source of unusual attachments, phobias, or personality traits. During this session, I help you tap into your past lives so you can begin healing in your current life. 1-hour session $140

Crystal Relaxation Treatment:

Relieve stress by opening the chakras. During this treatment, you will lie down, have various crystals placed on your chakra centers, infused with energy work performed.  $85 per one-hour session

Healing Head Massage:

Release stress and headache tension with the aid of essential oils. Appointments available at my office.

  • 30 minutes – $50
  • 45 minutes – $75

Intuitive / Psychic Development Groups:

We all possess intuition and it’s a skill that can be trained and developed.

Go deeper into your own intuitive abilities through meditation practice, exercises, and coaching.

Nancy is led by Spirit regarding how to coach each person based on their individual needs.

Nancy will also share insights and messages she receives on your behalf during the meditation.

  • Form your own group
  • Group minimum of 4, maximum of 8 people
  • Available to both options above Mystical Nancy will hold weekly sessions from one to two hours for a period of six to eight weeks for follow through.

Contact Nancy to schedule.

Classes, Workshops, and Group Meditations

Nancy offers classes and workshops on various subjects throughout the year.

Group meditations are usually held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. A suggested love offering
of $10.00 is appreciated.

Tuesday 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern | Wednesday 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern on Zoom- ID # 2941716594

I’ve had readings for many years. Many readings were so general that It could have applied to anyone. It’s not very often that you meet someone who truly has a clear signal to the other side. It is also very rare to get detailed messages and specific information. Nancy provides both on a consistent basis and she will be my first choice from now on.


I am grateful to you for your reading on Saturday. You have made a profound difference in my life.
Thank you and hope to work out another reading or healing soon.
Bernae V.

I first met Nancy 3 years ago when I joined a meditation group at a holistic healing center known as Prana Path.  I soon learned that Nancy had not only the gift of healing, but was also a very talented and powerful psychic.

Since meeting back then, I’ve personally had several meaningful readings done by Nancy, each one very unique and enlightening. It’s very obvious that Nancy is working with angels and spirit guides to help people on their spiritual journeys.

I feel truly grateful to have met such a gifted healer and psychic. I know now that when I feel the need for guidance and clarity, I can give Nancy a call! Thank you Nancy!

Jamie H.