Astrology Workshop: Destiny & Life Mission

Saturday, Feb 10 – 9am to 12noon
Location:  901 Twelve Oaks Center Dr., Suite 908E, Wayzata, MN 55391
Near Highways 394 & 494
Come learn what your nodal axis indicates about your natural abilities, past lives, current life mission, and destiny.
The lunar nodes play a powerful role in astrology — they hold the keys to destiny and ultimate life lessons.
The North Node indicates the nature of one’s mission and destiny. The South Node indicates the natural abilities a person comes in with and the possible nature of past lives.
SPEAKER: Olivia Kohl is an intuitive astrologer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been studying and practicing astrology for about 20 years. She is also an energy healer with advanced training in Pranic Healing.
Workshop – $85 (cash, credit cards and PayPal accepted)
Private astrology readings – $75 (1 hour)
Friday, 2/9 time slots between 11am to 7pm
Sunday, 2/11 time slots between 10a to 4pm
To sign up for the workshop and/or a private reading, contact:
You will need to send your birth date, birth time, and birth place (from your birth certificate) when registering for either the workshop or a reading.

Where did you come from and where are you going to ?

When you came here on Earth you were Free and you had no Fear or Pain and you looked at life with Wonderment and Joy!!! Then through Life and Experiences we learned to feel pain , sorrow and resentment among other negative thoughts, feelings and other negative energies.  When this began to happen then, we begin to shut our hearts or our heart chakra  down we build  a wall of protection up not letting anyone or anything in. Because it might hurt,and fear sets in and we react to the person in front of us as though they are the problem. Really when you take a good hard look at things then it is not them and we are merely projecting or fears out on to them. We Blame others for what appears to be wrong and what we do not like.  Our Fears usually take us to a pretty Dark place. All in all when we meditate and pray and find our inner strength, connect with the Violet Flame, our inner Soul and stay in the Power of the peace and harmony within. Then the things that happen begin to look as though the people and things are on a stage and are being acted out .  Because you see EVERYTHING IS IN DIVINE AND PERFECT ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     THE PROBLEM BEING IN OUR THOUGHTS ,VISION,AND PERCEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TURN YOUR THOUGHTS TO THE RIGHT PERCEPTION AND LOOK AT THE WHOLE PICTURE

Mystical Nancy At Your Service!

NancyLRobinsonHow can you release and heal stuck emotions that may be holding you back?

Do you need to let go of something but just can’t seem to do it?

Do you struggle with negative emotions,  feelings of unworthiness, guilt or shame?

Learn how to connect with your true essence and move through life without emotional blockages and burdens.

Feelings of unworthiness (either conscious or unconscious) can block your ability to attract and manifest abundance.

Achieve a greater sense of inner freedom and self worthiness, peace and personal power through a combination of Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Scanning, Personalized Meditations, Customized Affirmations as well as EFT tapping.

  • Energy scanning to identify blockages in Chakras
  • Release of emotional blockages to allow life to flow more naturally
  • Affirm positive emotional and energetic patterns
  • Channeled Group Readings
  •  Pranic Crystal Healing Sessions
  •  Forgiveness Meditation
  •  Individualized Private Sessions
  •  Business & Residential Blessing Ceremony
  •  Clearing negative energy & entities from Businesses & Residences
  •  Chakra Cleansing, Alignment & Activation

Nancy Robinson is a well sought after Psychic, Medium and Healer. Nancy began seeing spirits when she was 8 years old and began metaphysical studies as a teenager. Since 1992, she’s been offering psychic readings guided by Spirit, Prime Creator.  Nancy studied with The Edgar Cayce Foundation and with the Spiritualist Church’s Minister Training Program as well as a continued student in the Advanced Levels of Pranic Healing®.

Pranic Healing® is a highly evolved system of energy medicine developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui that utilizes Prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes.

The energy that surrounds the physical body also affects our emotions, our ability to handle stress, relationships and even our finances.  Once this energy is flowing clearly throughout your chakras, your life force or prana, will flow more naturally, as it was intended to do, with more ease and less stress.

To find out more about your chakras and how they work or if you’d like to create some Custom Sessions with Nancy in person or on the telephone just reach out and contact her!  You will be very glad you did!

All appointments are recorded and are included with your session.

Contact Mystical Nancy via email or telephone for your next appointment.

C: (703)589-5047                                                                 

Letting Go

Greetings One & All,

The meditation of my heart brings me to ‘LETTING GO.’

We all know the phrase ‘LET GO AND LET GOD!’

How often do we really apply that phrase when the rubber meets the road?

If we just LET GO and allow things to take their natural course then things, life, everything becomes smoother sailing! 

There’s a lot to be said for going with the flow, not against it.

So the next time something or someone has you upset and you think you have to react, remember that you don’t have to do anything but LET GO AND LET GOD.

If you remain calm and not re-act to the situation/person the situation softens rather than rages.

Your gut, your inner spirit will lead to the right ACTION not RE-ACTION.  

For example, imagine that I have the most amazing present for you in my hand, something that you have always wanted and I offer it to you.  But your hands are holding onto something, or someone or someplace, or some lie, or some bitterness, or some resentment… and you keep holding on tight.  Well, how can you receive the thing you’ve been wanting for so long?  Just LET GO, open your hands, receive.  It’s easier to open one’s hands than to clench them.

Try NOT reacting today and see if you have a better ‘LETTING GO’ day!

Great Love & Sparkling Light to and for you!


Mystical Nancy



Waking Up

After attending the Arhatic Yoga Retreat in February, some great new energy has begun to surface in and through me. 

My Spirit Guides and Teachers are showing me how to tap into this new energy to help others become aware of their true essence and awaken to their knowing of TOTAL WORTHINESS.  

As a result, on May 17, 2014 my associate Jeannine O’Hora and I facilitated a workshop to aide in facilitating the awakening to one’s TRUE AND TOTAL WORTHINESS for all participants.

It was truly a blessed event.  Many people let go and woke up to a clearer reality than before.

Thanks with much love and light to all who participated in going to the next level of awareness.

Love & Light,

Mystical Nancy