Studies Include:

I have known about my abilities as a psychic/medium and healer from a young age. I have studied, nurtured and developed my skills from teenage years up. I have always continued to study, meditate, heal, teach, practice and learn to bring my skill set to higher levels.  In the latest years I began to study Pranic Healing which enhanced all my other Spiritual studies up until that point, and then it took my studies to a whole new level. Pranic Healing is not just healing modality but it is a Mystery School, a school of Higher Spiritual Truths. It has given me the education, the meditations, format and structure in which I have taken my soul into higher levels of Spiritual Illumination.  At this point I have taken, reviewed and received certificates in most all the classes. I have received my Associates Pranic Healing Certificate and am in process of a yearlong study and practicum to receive my Certified Pranic Healer Certificate which is recognized World Wide.  Through my studies and meditations my intuition and the ability to channel Spirit has also grown to higher levels. This ability allows me to Spiritually Counsel people on their Spiritual and physical paths, through their Guides, Loved Ones, Teachers, Holy Ones, Masters, Archangels, Healing Angels and Higher Selves.  I also give techniques and affirmations to help continue on their Spiritual and Healing journey. I will do Pranic Healing in an intuitive session to clear Energies and Balance the Chakras.  In my Healing sessions Pranic Healing has protocols for any type of physical illness and in Pranic Healing Psychotherapy there are protocols for any type of mental illness. I will do what it takes to facilitate the individual’s healing journey in my sessions. I will teach the individual how to get out of their own way and release old habits, patterns and stuck energies through forgiveness, meditation, affirmations and healing so they can regain their inner power and firmly plant their feet on the Spiritual Path.

I was born on a farm and I have a love of Animals, Nature and a strong respect and love for Mother Earth.  I grew up with the ideals of honesty, respect, loving kindness, non-injury, goodwill, the Golden Rule, and living in Joy. A sense of humor is one of my gifts, which enables me uplift depressed and grief stricken people who need healing. And it’s also great fun at a gathering.  Staying Positive, no matter what happens has seen me through large obstacles in my life. I love to travel and meet new people see how they live and get inspiration from them. Each new experience is a Blessing! My favorite destination is near an ocean or water, but there are wonderful places on dry land, mountains or plains. The World is a wonderful place. I love music and love to sing. I sing in a Church choir with such amazing people. I love live music, concerts, and dancing. I am also an Artist and love drawing with color pencils, pencils, charcoal and paint when I have time. Mostly my Spiritual, intuitive, and healing work is my greatest passion of all.