Where Is Your Focus?


With all the shifts and changes going on in the physical and energetic world we need to pay attention to what we are focusing on. Becoming aware of what we are focusing on, where our attention is and what we are using our energy on.

We are going through major shifts, energy changes and changes in consciousness. Anytime there is such a shift in consciousness it calls on us to shift too. We then must decide to shift to New consciousness or stay in the Old consciousness. At this point if we decide to stay in Old consciousness that will not serve our Highest Good. It will cause us to feel stuck and loose sight of our Highest Good.

Let me put it this way, the Universe is asking us to go to our Highest and Best Good and we say No thanks We want to hold on to our old ways and stay in our Comfort Zone. Our old drama, trauma, pain, fear, sorrow, and grief because that is what we are focused on and cannot see beyond that. Our Highest and Best Good is beyond all those negative vibrations.

We are so programed to believe that we are less than and are Not Divine Beings.

In order to become the Divine Beings that we are, and be our Highest and Best Selves, we must change our focus and our Conscious. We must stay Focused on our Highest and Best Good, that we are Divine Beings.

We can not Focus on what we Do Not Have and that we are Less Than.