There are only Two things we can control on this Earth Plane.

1. Ourselves
We have control over nothing outside of ourselves.
Repeat: We have control over nothing outside of ourselves.We may think we have control over things outside of ourselves, but if we look closely, we will see the higher TRUTH. EVERYTHING OUTSIDE OURSELVES IS OUT OF OUR CONTROL

What does this mean to have control of ourselves?

We have control of Everything within us and we have the God given Choice of how we use Energy.

2. How We Use Energy
When we meditate and pray, we bring inner peace to ourselves and reflect out Love from our heart chakras. We find an inner sense of Well-Being. When we have that inner sense of Well-Being, we bring to form a strong sense of self-control and will power. We begin to get off the Emotional Roller Coaster and begin to ride the Universal Wave.Riding the Universal Wave means that we are in control of our emotions and our emotions Don’t have control over us. When we have control over our emotions then we begin to make choices
outside of our negative emotions, such as fear, unworthiness, anger, or pain. Our Energy Bodies begin to clear, and we start to see the world outside our wounds with clearer vision. This is almost like everything outside us becomes a stage play and we can choose to react or not react to the situation or person. If we choose to react then we have control if the reaction is positive or negative. We are having a Human experience, so we always need to be patient with ourselves during this process of remaining clam and positive. If we fall back to old habits of reacting in a negative way, we forgive ourselves and move on.

Loving Kindness, Non-Injury with our thought’s words and deeds. Excepting people where they are at with No-judgement.
Stop complaining and count our Blessings, be Grateful for everything This does not make us Spiritual Doormats, but we empower ourselves to stand in own Power in Love and Peace. We have the Choice of how Act or React. Realize the Souls Worth. Own your own Power. Do Forgiveness. Have Gratitude. When we use our power for the positive it comes back to us in many ways, Blessing Our Lives.
Be Conscious of Everything you think, do and say. MAKE YOUR LIFE A BLESSED LIFE!