When our soul comes into the Earth plane we have four energy bodies, the Physical body, the Etheric body, Mental body, and the Emotional body.  The Emotional body is the feeling world and is the body in which the other bodies are enfolded and its correct service is to nourish Divine Ideas with positive feelings.

This Emotional body holds all feelings and patterns negative or positive for this lifetime and past life times at a vibrational, cellular level. So our feelings are indicators of where our vibration is high or low, negative or positive.

What we are manifesting in our lives is a direct reflection of our patterns of our thoughts, words, and actions and where our vibration is at any given moment.

When we began to realize that things need to change in our lives, growth needs to happen, or there is a calling from the soul to move on the spiritual path, then Willingness, Awareness, and Choice set in. We become Willing to look at what needs to change, Aware of what it is that needs to change and then the wonderful gift of Choice of what to do, stay the same or change it.

In order to change a pattern, thought or feeling into a different vibration, we need to understand that the energies of these vibrational patterns, thoughts or feelings are in a vibrational orbit. That is why they keep reoccurring.  It is a stuck pattern, thought or feeling. They actually cause physical grooves in the brain. So how do we get these patterns, thoughts and feelings to move out of the old orbit and move into a new one enabling us to grow and manifest a new reality?

If any of us has had an addiction of any kind, we know that just thinking or telling yourself that you are not going to do that anymore or that you should not do it anymore doesn’t work. We have to move the energy of it in order for it to be replaced with the new.   We have to create a void and then fill the void with the new energy or positive pattern.

Through Prayer, Meditation, Purifications, Forgiveness and Affirmations we can move the destructive patterns, thought forms and feelings out of our Emotional body and connect with our Divine Self then growing into the Spiritual Being that we are meant to be.

We Pray and ask for the guidance as to what needs to change

We Meditate and listen to the guidance and the direction on how to change. Group Meditation gives a better result because it is more powerful.

We Purify by doing healing, Spiritual counseling, offering up weakness through rituals, drumming, burning bowl, smudging, chanting and sound  moving and cleaning the energy out of our Emotional Bodies.

We do Forgiveness making a list of all the people, places and situations that we feel have harmed us and a list of all we have harmed. Then we use a Forgiveness technique for 21 days. The first person on our list is OURSELVES.   We need to forgive OURSELVES for all our miss concepts we have about ourselves, who we are and anything we have done.

We have created a Void.

We Affirm by using positive affirmations to reset the vibrational orbit of the old patterns, thought forms and actions.  Now you KNOW you are not your Body, Thoughts, or Emotions. YOU ARE YOUR SOUL.



When We clear out our Emotional Body of the old patterns, thought forms and actions it is like clearing the mud off the windshield. The Divine Light and Love can come in and our Divine Light and Love shine through. We become All That We Are. WE ARE ONE.


Check out the “I Remember Who I Am” Affirmation below.